Together we Design your dream house in Crete!

Since 2004, we offer you top quality houses and settlements, by turning your dream-houses into unique experiences in the fairyland of Chania!

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We employ the most qualified professionals

in order to sustain the success of the company, which is translated into gratified customers and global awards. We know how to make it ideal for you, we know how to make it easy for you. Join us to discover how fantasies turn into homes!

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Meet the place

Imagine living in a landscape painting

would it be bright and sunny? Would it be gloriously simple and at the same time blessed with unexpected beauty? Would there be a charmy history behind? You don’t have to picture it. You can actually live it in Chania, Crete.

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We believe in quality

Each piece of design and manufacturing process reflects our company's commitment to quality: from manufacturing materials - all certified with the ISO- to professional workshops and after-sales services, every stage of the Minoan Homes experience contributes to one solid final result.

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Our Developments

Stavros House

Restored traditional Cretan house for sale

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Church Lane

Single space studios in Kolymbari

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