• Kolimpari, Chania, Crete, Greece
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The Managing Directors of Minoan Homes

They launched their prominent business in Kolimpari 30 years ago.

Their field of activity lies in the primary sector economy and the building materials commerce.

In 2004 they established Minoan Homes, driven by their creative spirit and invaluable experience in several fields, including the construction industry.

Minoan Homes is property developer and construction company in Kolimpari, west Crete.

The special features of our company’s executives constitute the main pillar of Minoan Homes’ awarded and international route.

The Minoan Homes team

Our team consists of specialized professionals who undertake the construction of villas and residence complexes, the renovation of traditional settlements of simple or complex demands and architectural style.

We have the valuable knowledge and the will to find along with you the perfect location for you and your project in West Crete.

We know our place and its secrets well.

All the members of our team, our external specialized partners and our recognized both by the indigenous Greek and the international market suppliers, share a common value: creating the places that our clients dream of living in!

Our fields of activity

Houses for sale

Complete detached houses, maisonaittes, villas and bungalows, constructed under strict criteria that aim to a quality, safe and cozy living of high duration. As a result, we were awarded internationally for this.


Assignment of a construction project of your choice

Construction study and project implementation in accordance with your personal style and taste, for the design and the construction of your dreams.

Construction study or assignment of independent settlements

File preparation and planning permission in accordance with the architectural design of your choice, or project implementation according to the construction permit you already possess.


Renovation of high standard traditional settlements. The embodiment of the past in the present is an outcome of our studies and applications.

Plots and parcels for sale in West Crete

In locations of exceptional natural beauty, adjusted to our clients different needs and expectations. Either plots of our property or brokerage plots available for sale.

Cooperation with legal and financial advisors

For the integrated support to our clients, even after the purchase. Specialization in bureaucratic procedures providing efficient and direct services to our indigenous and foreign clients.

All aboard!

We want to find, design and build together the place that is meant to host the most “sunny”, bright and seamanlike period of your life!

It’s a fact that our clients opinion about us, is that we escape the typical properties-for-sale zone. We thank them for that. They recognize the plurality of our ideas and applications. We gave long-term solutions that respond to the special climatic and groundwater conditions both of Mediterranean and of our island, Crete.

Let us guide you

We are aware of the difficulties that may arise when implementing a project from distance.

But we guarantee that those particular conditions will be regulated and will not prevent you from supervising the progress of your project.

We’ll be by your side throughout the construction process, keeping you informed with regular communication and updates.

You will be receiving reports concerning the progress of your project at each stage separately, including updates and visual material for your file and for your convenience.

Despite your possible absence or your place of residence, we’ll be communicating with you efficiently on a regular basis.

We minimise the distance before you even ask for it.

We work with a number of qualified and experienced external partners who provide our clients with any financial advice or other kinds of counselling they need.

Our goal and priority is to make our clients feel safe and confident throughout their project implementation, from the construction process up to the delivery.

Our primary goal

Our strategy focuses on high standard and quality constructions, not on mass production.

Besides, that is why we were distinct as the best construction company in central and east Europe, according to the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), in 2010.

We are proud to guarantee high quality constructions and services, before, during and after the completion of the project.

Our goal is for our clients to stay members of the Minoan Homes family, not only during the plot research, the construction process and the purchase of your house, but also after the completion of our services.