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Anett and Gunnar

Owner of Villa Hanna Marie

After many years of searching for the”right ” Plot, we finally found it in Gerani, close to Platanias. Now our dream house were to be build,but we needed good construction company for this job . There were three entrepreneurs in a competition that gave us price for “ a turn key“project, and in the competition Minoan Homes had the best offer. We are very satisfied with the work that the craftsmen’s has done and the cooperation with the contractor has also been very good. Every week we received rapports with pictures, so we could follow the building project from Norway. We had a time schedule and we almost managed to finalized the house within this date. The house is great and it looks fantastic, and it became actually like the house of our dreams. And one year later, there has been some small issues in the house, and Minoan has without no hesitate fixed this atonce. This is something we think is very importance and we percentage this very much. This proves that this company is a serious company. We can recommend Minoan Homes because oftheir good quality, service and their effort of for filling the contract with all its details and time schedule.

Nico Fürst

Norway minos dream 1-3

In mysearch for a home in Greece, I was recommended to visit Kolymbari, a beautifularea west of Chania. I fell in love withthe place at first glance. I visited the office of Minoan Home, and there I wasgreeted by a service minded professional team. They showed me project they hadbuilt, under construction, and properties for sale. I was taken by theirproject Minos Dream, and decided to go ahead, despite the turbulence in theeconomical and political situation prevailing in Greece. The qualityof the work performed by Minoan Homes exceeds any building standard/codeanywhere in Europe. The quality of the work and the experience of the workersperforming the actual building were outstanding. This statement comes from theson of a civil engineer, and a long time partner with one of the largestconstruction companies in Greece. Minoan Homes ability to adapt to my manysudden changes in the construction/layout was received without any objections.Time-schedules for completion of works at the various stages of theconstruction were met at all times. I have nohesitations what so ever, to recommend Minoan Homes as your partner when youdecide to buy/build a home in the western part of Crete. By choosing Minoan Homes as your partner, youwill have professionalism from A to Z, including a very close follow up afterthe completion of their works.

Guy & Rita


We have long said that we are not staying in Belgium for ever, (not a bad country, but the weather in anything but!) In 2009 we went for the umpteenth time traveling, and our fourth time to Crete. We went out with bicycles and passed Minoan Homes offices, we looked at the pictures and went in for information. Then we went to look at houses and we lost our hearts immediatly to a bungalow in Darmarohori, near Kolymbari. We were not planning to already buy a house, but we could not wait! It was beautifully located, beautifully finished, solid materials, everything was fine! Minoan Homes helped us tremendously with everything, thanks to them, we can realise our dream!!! And the after-service is VERY GOOD!!! - that unlike other companies. We had never thought before it was possible. We can warmly recommend anyone MINOAN HOMES!!! We love Greece, and her people very much!!! Guy & Rita - Belgium


Sweden kolymbari mews 1

My name is Richard and comes from Sweden / Sigtuna. I am a well travelled person who has lived and worked in LA, Italy, Spain, Hawaii, etc. I have over 2 years lived in Spain on the Costa del Sol where I felt that nothing worked current house building etc. We had decided to build in a warm sunny country and have travelled a lot to Greece. My best friend is Greek and said that now is the time to buy in Greece. Me and my parents went on holiday to Crete - We got to know the owner of a luxury hotel and we told that we had sold our house in Sweden and was interested in building a house in Crete. He told Us - If you want to do a really good investment for the future, you should buy / build in Kolimbari / Chania. A small village with a lot of potential and charm. He advised us to contact Minoan Homes which he considered the most reliable and best builders in Crete. Minoan Homes promised that the house would be ready in 12 months. They were completed in 9 months and we now have our dream house to extend our summers with at least 4 months, a fantastic feeling! We have built the house in order to gather the family on this wonderful island. My dad who is disabled after a stroke have improved their quality of life and health of sun, sea and especially that he will be able to avoid the cold and rainy weather and icy streets. The family has gotten to know most of the neighbours – how are now close friends. During my last trip, we had our neighbours over for dinner. We were invited out to neighbours and I had the opportunity to go with my new found friend Antonio for Calamari fishing. Wonderful water, excellent fishing! Me and my wife with children traveling to Crete on 7 April to stay for a week. My parents with a good friend lands the following week. The island has so much to offer and discover. We look forward to getting to know the island and is more than happy that we made a right decision to build our dream house. Many thanks to Minoan Homes that have carried out our dream! If you are considering buying / off build or buy a house - Then You are fully confident in Minoan Homes as brokers and builders. We are very impressed!My dad has been a builder all his professional life and have never seen better work done!Please contact us if you have questions concerning your accommodation in Crete. Sunny regards Richard Schultzberg with family.

Hannes & Sabrina

Austria valley rise 7

We live in Steinach at the Brenner (1.045m above sea level) in Austria, Tyrol. My husband and I founded almost 20 years ago a company (metal constructions), that means very much work and stress. As we are surrounded by mountains at our home, we wanted our second home to be by the sea, surrounded by hills, olive groves and vineyards ... So we decided about 3 years ago to realize our dream. For us definitely just Greece came into consideration, since we were spending our holidays there for over 30 years. We love the scenery, the good food and above all the hospitable Greeks. We liked very much the region of Kolymbari, and the small town Darmarochori. It was central, but a little off the beaten track, just what we needed. We could realize our dream, thanks to the "absolutely right" decision in choosing the contractor, namely Minoan Homes. The collaboration - despite the distance - worked great. For the construction of our house we had many special requirements, which were perfectly done by Minoan Homes, even down to the last detail, with hard work and in an incredibly short time. Based on current progress reports (with pictures) of the construction phases, we were always informed about the last detail. Every extra request has been agreed always in advance and what is even more important, they were perfectly realized and executed in detail. My husband is working for about 35 years in the construction industry and he as a very good eye for this, because he knows about this business. At the time when our dream house has been finished, he said that he does not believe that he could find in our own country (Austria) a construction company, which could do such a very good job. Finally it had to be mentioned that both the business owners of the company Minoan Homes, as well as all the staff are all incredibly friendly, helpful and affectionate people. We always had the feeling of being welcome and we have now new friends in Greece. Hannes & Sabrina Bolli

Paul & Jayne

UK Church Lane

In May 2009 Paul & I came over to Crete to look for a holiday home. We fell in love with the area of Tavronitis- Kolimbari area after having numerous holidays over the years. One evening in the local Taverna we were talking to Thanis & family about looking for a holiday home, they told us they knew a local builder who would show us some properties. The next day they took us to meet Mr Kiriakos & Elena at Minoan Homes. They took time in asking us what we wanted where etc. They then took us to see some properties. Instantly we fell in love with Skoutelonas. But then had the hard problem on which property to go for. The 2 bedroom bungalow or the 2 bedroom house. We were given plenty of time to look around the property & take photos. The following day we called back at the office to arrange another visit. Elena & Mr Kiriakos dropped everything and took us to the properties. We took several more photos. As we were looking at other properties we had informed Elena that we would be going home to the U.K. to make a decision. We asked if it was possible to buy the house from the U.K. without having to return. We were assured YES it is possible. So, home we went. After a sleepless night trying to decide which property had everything that we wanted. We both decided Church Lane was the one for us. I e-mailed Elena the following morning to say we would like the house. The whole buying process was done from the UK. Elena kept us up to date with the procedure e-mailing & phoning regularly to inform us of the progress. The Crete Lawyer also kept us up to date with all aspects of the buying, transferring of funds etc. At no point did we ever feel that we didn’t know what was happening. Every step of the way I was sent photos of doors to choose, floors to choose, Kitchens to choose. All very clear in detail. I couldn't believe how easy it was. We were informed of how many days it would take to finish the house to our requirements. It was finished in less. When we were given the finishing date we booked a plane out straight away as we couldn’t wait to see our new holiday home. As we had an early flight I wasn’t sure if anyone would be about to give us keys for the house. I didn’t need to worry Mr Kiriakos was at the house waiting for us. There were even groceries waiting. Paul and I have been pleased with the quality of work in our home and the dedication shown by all the staff at Minoan Homes is fantastic. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. If anyone has seen the Minoan Home that they would like to buy but for some reason cannot make it over to Crete I can assure you it is so easy to do it from the UK. Paul & Jayne Threlfall

John & Karen

Durham, UK Panorama Mews

When considering writing a testimonial of a house purchase experience in Crete it can be easy to make direct comparisons with similar experiences in the UK. The expectation is that the experience of purchasing a property 2000 miles away would be more stressful, administratively difficult and downright frustrating than a similar process in England. Our experiences are not however as you would expect. We purchased a beautiful renovated house from Minoan Homes of Kolimbari, Crete, 5 years ago and actually found the whole experience simple and gratifying. The expectations and standards at Minoan are very high which ensures the buyers experience is the same. The process of making the purchase and meeting timelines for completion are clear, concise and achieved without fuss with the standard of workmanship exceptional. Where Minoan has excelled has been the standard of aftercare and support once the purchase is complete. I remain confident that even after 5 years I can contact Minoan to request some support with the confidence that I will get a reply and help as necessary. The experiences of living in Western Crete and especially the Kolimbari area of the island which is relatively untouched by tourism, even as for us is only 6 weeks a year, is one I would recommend without hesitation. If I was considering making a purchase again, which I will in the future, I would not hesitate to use Minoan homes as my preferred choice of builder for either a new build or renovated property. John Angus, County Durham

Northcott Family


In 2007, whilst staying nearby, we decided to pay a visit to the Minoan showroom after seeing that it had been established for some while, having stayed in the town two years earlier. We received a very friendly welcome and immediately, without any pressure, an offer was made to take me, my wife and our son to see a couple of houses and plots within a short drive of Kolimbari. We were impressed with the plot sizes and workmanship and fell in love straightaway with the potential of the plot where our new house was to eventually be built. Of course, being relatively astute, we were cautious and apprehensive and, like most people, had heard all of the potential downsides of buying property abroad. However we were put at ease straightaway and, the following day we went to Chania to sign the agreement. We were kept up to date with progress with emails being sent back to the UK on a regular basis. The following summer, we were absolutely delighted with our new home which was finished on time and with no “hidden” costs to pay. The finishing touches were excellent as was the quality of materials. Our swimming pool was also thoughtfully sited so that it was not in shade until late in the evening! The only “snagging” jobs were very minor and were attended to straightaway and without complaint. Additionally, when we have queries regarding bills and other Greek peculiarities, Eleni, at the showroom, is only too pleased to help. We cannot praise Minoan Homes highly enough and, having stayed at a home built by a larger rival builder, we thank our lucky stars that we chose the right company! Adrian, Beverly, Fay, and Mark Northcott